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  1. 010-62968438
    英文名稱: Monoclonal antibody against human Insulin-like growth factor I
    規格: 200 μl
    產品編號: 41 CAS:
    分子式: 分子量:
    This IgG1 mouse monoclonal antibody against IGF I can detect a concentration of 0.2 ng IGF I/0.2 ml serum with an affinity of 109 M-1. 50% of I125 IGFI are bound at a final dilution of the ascites of 1:20'000. The antibody crossreact 3% with IGF II but not with insulin and can be used for immunopurification of IGF's from human serum. It recognize IGF I of other species with following approximate relative potencies: guinea pig, rabbit, human, rat and mouse =7:4:1:<0.01: