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  1. 010-62968438
    英文名稱: Rabbit anti-Tescalcin
    規格: 200 μl
    產品編號: T876 CAS:
    分子式: 分子量:
    The antiserum against Tescalcin is produced in rabbits by immunization with recombinant mouse Tescalcin containing a 6-his tag at the N-terminal. The antibody was evaluated for specificity and potency: a) by Biotin-Avidin labeling of cryostate-, vibratome- and paraffin-sections of 4% paraformaldehyde fixed brains and b) by immunoblots (Girard et al, 2015). The product is a polyclonal antiserum against Tescalcin (1), a calcium-binding protein of the EF-hand family related to calcineurin B. This antiserum stains the brain in a characteristic, unique pattern (Fig. 1; see also www.brain-map.org).The antiserum reacts specifically with Tescalcin in tissue originating from rodents as determined by immunoblots (Fig. 2)