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    2022-5-18 12:51:00

    Kerafast is a Boston-based reagent company whose primary mission is to make unique laboratory-made research tools easily accessible to the global scientific community. Our portfolio includes cell lines, antibodies, small molecules, dyes and more, many of which are not available elsewhere. Since our founding in 2011, researchers from more than 200 institutions worldwide have made their innovative reagents available through our online platform, where the materials can be quickly accessed without needing to go through the traditional Material Transfer Agreement process.

    We handle all selling and shipping logistics for the providing laboratory, as well as return generous royalty payments from every sale. We therefore help providing labs save time and resources, while generating extra funding for further research. Procuring scientists can more easily discover and access unique reagents that are often unavailable elsewhere, while also funding the work of other researchers. This creates a global community of scientists contributing and accessing Reagents for the Greater Good to accelerate their own research as well as scientific progress overall.

    In 2018, Kerafast merged with Absolute Antibody, a UK-based company with a vision to make recombinant antibody technology available to all researchers. The merger brought together two companies with a shared commitment to improving the selection of research tools available to the scientific community.



    2018年,Kerafast與英國Absolute Ab抗體公司合并,該公司的愿景是讓所有研究人員都能使用重組抗體技術。合并使兩家公司共同致力于改進科學界可用研究工具的選擇。