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  1. 010-62968438


    2022-5-9 16:02:00

    PNA BIO INC is devoted to providing quality research products and services to the laboratories of basic research and applied field.

    PNA Bio offer quality PNA (Peptide Nucleic Acid) products including custom oligos, FISH probes, miRNA inhibitors, PNA clamp probes, and Fmoc monomers. They are provided >95% purity after HPLC purification along with MS/MS data.

    PNA Bio also provides engineered nuclease service including CRISPR/Cas9 nucleases (RGEN) synthesis, validation and Cas9 protein in addition to knock-out and knock-in cell line services.

    PNA BIO INC致力于為基礎研究和應用領域的實驗室提供優質的研究產品和服務。
    PNA Bio提供高質量的PNA(肽核酸)產品,包括定制低聚物、FISH探針、miRNA抑制劑、PNA鉗探針和Fmoc單體。在HPLC純化和MS/MS數據后,它們的純度超過95%。
    PNA Bio還提供工程核酸酶服務,包括CRISPR/Cas9核酸酶(RGEN)合成、驗證和Cas9蛋白,以及敲除和敲入細胞系服務。