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    2022-4-29 14:26:00

    Axon Medchem is a trusted supplier of high-value life science products, providing Axon Ligands? as world wide recognized drug reference standards for pharmacological research. With more than 3000 excellent quality small molecule inhibitors or modulators targeting more than 850 biological targets of cell signaling, gene transcription, apoptosis, cell cycle regulation, CNS and many more areas, Axon Medchem aims to facilitate your scientific research and development.  

    Axon Medchem is also a leading European CRO in medicinal chemistry, specialized in contract research and high-quality synthesis of bio-active and/or drug-like molecules. We have the proven record in developing novel drug candidates and achieving excellence for a decade by providing our dedicated chemistry services for companies and research institutes active in the field of life sciences around the world.

    Axon Medchem是一家值得信賴的高價值生命科學產品供應商,提供Axon配體? 作為世界公認的藥理學研究藥物參考標準。Axon Medchem擁有3000多種優質小分子抑制劑或調節劑,針對850多種細胞信號、基因轉錄、凋亡、細胞周期調節、中樞神經系統等領域的生物靶點,旨在促進您的科學研究和開發。
    Axon Medchem也是歐洲領先的藥物化學首席執行官,專門從事合同研究和生物活性和/或類藥物分子的高質量合成。十年來,我們為活躍于世界各地生命科學領域的公司和研究機構提供了專門的化學服務,在開發新型候選藥物和取得卓越成就方面,我們有著良好的記錄。