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  1. 010-62968438


    2022-4-29 13:59:00

    In 1963, Dr. Shumpei Sakakibara founded a peptide business, leading the world in releasing a peptide synthesis reagent. His pioneering spirit has been passed down unbroken.

    Our guiding principle is to contribute to the advancement of science and to the broader society by providing everyone with high-quality products. This principle has guided us in working on approximately 1000 types of research catalog products, approximately 500 types of custom synthesis a year, and many peptide drugs under GMP control.

    Peptide synthesis requires not only backbone construction techniques, but also a wide range of modification techniques, techniques for checking the modified structures, and precision techniques for uniformly isolating compounds. Furthermore, these synthesis techniques must be reinforced by established analysis techniques.

    We believe that the effectiveness unique to peptides must not be distorted by lacking product quality. We fully leverage synthesis and analysis techniques developed over half a century to provide everyone with high-quality products.

    We intend to remain firmly grounded and lead peptide science onwards, always looking ahead to the future.