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  1. 010-62968438


    2022-4-29 11:57:00

    Viagen Biotech DirectPCR Lysis Reagents are a full line of single-tube systems for rapid, convenient, and reliable preparation of DNA from mouse tails, ears, yolk sacs, and culture cells. The innovative system developed by Viagen Biotech allows the resulting DNA crude extracts to be ready for genomic PCR for genotyping in less time and less hands-on involvement.

    Viagen Biotech DirectPCR裂解試劑是一系列單管系統,用于從小鼠尾部、耳朵、卵黃囊和培養細胞中快速、方便、可靠地制備DNA。Viagen Biotech開發的創新系統可以在更短的時間和更少的人工干預下,將得到的DNA粗提物用于基因組PCR進行基因分型。